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138th PA Co. B

Volunteer Infantry

Civil War Reenactors & Living Historians

The 138th PA Co. B

We do not claim to have displayed valour or endurance in excellence of comrades of other organizations, or from other states or districts; nor can we boast like some of having traversed all the territory of Rebeldom-or of fighting more battles than we had stars on our banner-or of experiencing more casualties in number than we do profess to had names on our rolls; but we do profess to have performed the duties assigned us during our period of service without bringing reproach upon our name or dishonour to our flag.

Towards other troops we have no selfish pride and no jealousy, for we believe in the words of Lieut. General Grant, that 'All have a proud record, and all sections can well congratulate themselves and each other for having done their full share in restoring the supremacy of law over every foot of territory belonging to the United States

In their own words:
From The "History of the 138th Reg. P.V."
By Osceola Lewis, 1866,

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