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                                                                                               Est. August 11th, 2007

The 138th PVI, Co. B., is a Civil War reenactment group dedicated to the memory of the common soldier. Who's deeds, valor, and sacrifice serve as a daily reminder that freedom is truly not free and that our Union owes great gratitude to those heroes we emulate.

Founded by experienced reenactors from various organizations in August 2007, the 138th is governed by a council of certified officers dedicated to the advancement of the stated goals of the organization and its membership.

Realizing the need for active member involvement and an opportunity for advancement within the ranks, the 138th is a group where participants can realize their reenacting goals through participation in the Officer/NCO Certification Program (ONCP). Each member participates as he finds appropriate and has the opportunity to perform at his highest certified rank during the year. This system not only encourages learning and participation but ensures a constant feeding system of experienced Officers and NCO's ready to assume leadership roles in the future.

Decisions made by the leadership will be made based upon a consideration of the advancement and betterment of the stated goals. Our structure only addresses the process. The stated goals and objectives are the governing philosophies of the unit. General orders will be periodically posted to address military matters.

It needs to be emphatically stated that the 138th PVI reenactment group will respect and support all organizations engaged in the advancement of correct Civil War history. Labels and negative connotations toward other organizations will not be tolerated. We all are engaged in the promotion of a very important subject that society, in general, seems to have abandoned. All have worth!

Our Mission: To tell the heroic story of the common soldier, specifically the 138th PVI, and their families through reenactment and educational presentation.

Goal: To advance members' knowledge and individual authenticity standards through study and participation in the unit's Officer/NCO Certification Program.

Goal: To effectively and intelligently tell the story of the soldiers of the 138th PVI, Co. B, and their families who withstood the horrors of war as citizens of Gettysburg, Pa.

Goal: To bridge the gap between divisive elements of the reenacting community through understanding, respect, and knowledge.

Goal: To participate in events that bring value to our organization and to the public with which we interact.

Goal: To have fun while advancing the aforementioned goals.

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